Saturday, 14 June 2008

Lightnin' Hopkins - Rare Performances 1960-1979 DVD

Ain't It Crazy
Ain't No Cadillac
Baby Please Don't Go
Baby, Come Go Home With Me
Baby, Scratch My Back
Black And Evil
Bunion Stew
Couldn't Be Satisfied
Don't The Moon Look Pretty
Going Down Slow
Good Night Blues
How Long Has It Been
Hurricane Beulah
Let's Pull A Party
Lightnin's Blues
Lightnin's Boogie
Lonesome Road
Mojo Hand
Questionaire Blues
Rock Me Baby
Take Me Back
What'd I Say
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Anonymous said...

after two downloadings, I am sure now that #17, 18, 21, 22 and 23 have a bug and they are not readable…
Re-up is possible ?…

roger said...

yes you are correct. i tested these files with Gspot and some of them say "unknown format" and others say "file truncated, data missing"

i would also appreciate a re-up if possible, although i am very grateful for the ones which do work (and for everything else you've put up here)

Mr Arkadin said...

I am sorry guys about this, unfortunately i can not obtain the original. I am also stuck with this version.

racer said...

Mr Akardin, i think i have found someone who has the complete AVI of this, 560MB. If there's any way I can write to you privately, I will let you know where to get it off my FTP server.

Mr Arkadin said...

thanks racer, no need to bother

I`ll try to find it elsewhere